Gaming content
We cooperate with the leading providers of the world gaming industry. This means we offer a wide selection of various gaming content as soon as it emerges in the market.
Online marketing
Even the best product can only go so far without advertising. Our marketing strategy for attracting customers employs almost all available channels, including SEO, ASO, PPC, SMM, and affiliates. Different approaches to advertising are provided by the system of dynamic landing pages, and affiliate programs ensure record-keeping and stream optimisation.
Payment processing
Monetization is the ultimate goal of any product. To achieve it, we offer more than 60 payment methods in over 18 countries in 15 currencies. Security of the processes is confirmed by the PCI DSS certificate.
BI tools
Effective product management is impossible without advanced business analytics instruments. We designed BI-instruments that comprise systems for a/b/n testing, segmentation and microsegmentation, analytical reports and dashboards. Their use helps us pre-empt customer behavior, make them come back, plan marketing campaigns, and evaluate their viability.
Risk management
We develop complex monitoring systems to prevent, remove and mitigate all possible risks and flaws. Our goal is to protect the business of our customers and their users from any unwanted occurrences.
Customer care
To hear and to help is the main task of the customer support team. To successfully complete this task, we’re building a complex of tools that can solve issues of the most demanding users on a short notice.